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An Apology, a Thank You and an Invitation

We were delighted to again be the award recipients of the Best Trade Services Business Port Douglas and the Best Tradesperson Port Douglas in this years Business and Tourism Awards. It was extra special this year with the awards being in its 10th year. It’s quite an achievement to organise one of the undisputed “events of the year” for so many years running. This year’s new format at Hemmingway’s was brilliant and we’d like to thank Newsport for the first-class ideas and all the effort that went into organising such a fresh new event. It was fabulous fun! It’s been …read more

Power To You with BH Electrics Solar Service

It’s a well-known fact that electricity derived from solar power is kinder to the environment and also friendlier on your hop pocket. Here are 3 of lesser thought about benefits of solar power for your home and business; Less Water Consumption We live on the driest continent on earth. Droughts now last for decades in some areas of Australia. Water scarcity is without doubt “a thing” that we should all be concerned about. Coal generated power uses thousands of litres of water each year for cooling generators, processing, refining and transporting fuel through pipes and the list goes on. Power …read more

A letter from John gets Jim fired up!

There are many ways to protect your family from Electric shock. Which way is the right way for your family? Here’s Jim to explain the difference between these devices. Hi folks, today I’d like to share an email that I received from John. John says: Dear Jim, my house has old circuit ceramic circuit breakers in a few different sizes. When I went to Bunnings they didn’t have all of the sizes I need. What should I do? Well John, firstly, thanks for taking the time to write in. You mentioned that you wanted to source your new circuit breakers from Bunnings …read more

Smart Homes

Smart home technology allows you to electronically access home security cameras from anywhere and can alert you when sensors detect strange movements. If you are away from home, blinds and light switches can be programmed to operate as if the house was occupied. A smart doorbell with camera can be linked to your smart device. See who is knocking or use the intercom to talk without opening the door, or even being home.   “Given the sensitive nature of surveillance and the vital work of enhancing public safety and protecting critical infrastructure, it is important that everyone is licensed” advises …read more

Landscape Lighting

A well-planned landscape lighting design is often forgotten. You’ve sweated it out digging in the garden beds, planting thoughtful greenery, spent hours at the outdoor furniture shops and gleefully placed your BBQ. Have you considered the benefits of some beautiful outdoor and garden lighting? Enhance your Tropical Living Lifestyle Hands down the most obvious benefit of beautiful garden illumination is your increased enjoyment of your living spaces. Let’s face it, here in Port Douglas and in fact all of Far North Queensland, we live a beautiful part of the world with outdoor living at its finest. By increasing the ambiance …read more

Mould, Mildew, Fungi and DNA

Cleaning your air conditioning unit is often something that gets put on your “Once a Year” list. When that day rolls around, most people drag a ladder inside or balance on a chair and give the inside cover a wipe. Tick it off the list, dust your hands and sit down for a nice cuppa. Am I right? Unfortunately, you’ve not really achieved all that much. Split System Air Conditioners can be surprisingly dirty appliances harbouring mould, dirt, fungi, bacteria and DNA. If your Air Conditioning unit has not been professionally cleaned, every time you turn your unit on, particles …read more

Natural Disaster and Solar Power

Here in Far North Queensland we are no strangers to Mother Nature. It’s a stunning part of the country up here and she sure knows how to put on a show. Sometimes that means that we also are faced with the more difficult weather conditions. Did you know that even if the network supply is turned off, solar systems and associated wiring may still be live? That means that your solar system could continue to produce voltage during the day. Switching your Solar to the “off” position is not enough to protect your property so here are some helpful hints …read more

Commercial Fit Out and Refurbishment: Mantra Peppers KoKo Poolside Dining Port Douglas

BH Electrics worked with South East Queensland based building company Aizer Group and Mantra Group to complete the kitchen, bar and dining room refurbishment. KoKo is a fresh new poolside dining experience, inspired by The Beach Boys, Kokomo. This project involved a complete strip out of the kitchen to enable resealing. New front hot and cold breakfast servery, new drinks bar and cabinetry and refreshed dining space. All new functional and ambiance lighting throughout. Power and data to point of sales and appliances. Beautiful ceiling fans for comfort and enhanced décor. Koko’s is a chic, but relaxed, tropical poolside bar …read more

Commercial Refurbishment: Daintree Eco Lodge

Early in 2019 the Port Douglas and Daintree region experienced torrential rainfall. In one deluge receiving almost 500mm of rain in 24 hours, 300 of that in just six hours. The Daintree river level broke a 118-year record rising by almost a meter. The Daintree Eco Lodge experienced flood waters through the main reception building. BH Electrics worked directly with the client for disaster recovery. First step was to isolate and make safe all electrical services. We conducted a site assessment for the safety of staff and people on site. Re-energised areas that were unaffected and complied a full audit …read more

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