6 Benefits of Upgrading to LED Lighting

The benefits of upgrading from Halogen lighting to LED are almost endless.  Here are 6 reasons to make the switch.

Benefit 1: Long Life

LED lighting has an exceptionally long life compared to any other light technology. An LED can last around 11 years of continuous use! If you were to use a LED light for 8 consecutive hours, in a workplace for example it could last as long as 20 years before replacement was required.

There are so many ways to see the bright side on this one benefit alone. From reducing expenses on hardware and maintenance to saving the planet with less waste.

Benefit 2: Saving Money with Less Power Costs

Here is how the energy saving equation looks like for replacing halogen down lights with LED alternatives;

20 Halogen lights using 55W each: Annual power cost (estimate) = $686.40
20 LED lights using 10W each: Annual power cost (estimate) = $124.80

Annual saving = $561.60 or 81.8%.

That is a significant reduction in power costs! How many down lights do you have in your home? I encourage you to do the maths on this.

With electricity prices rising at an alarming rate, any investment in energy efficient lighting will help to minimise the impact to your wallet.

Benefit 3: Reduced Fire Hazard

One of the lesser known facts about halogen down lights is the potential fire hazard they pose. These lamps operate at up to 200C (sometimes more), which is a lot of heat. If you stand under one of these light, you can feel the heat, particularly when compared to the cooler LED lamps which operate at only 40C.

Effectivity, if anything comes into contact with these halogens, particularly any cabling, it could burn. This can cause a short circuit and fire. Installing LED lamps to replace halogens will minimise this risk, making your home or work place much safer.

Benefit 4: Halogen impact on the Air Conditioning Efficiency

Another problem caused by the heat generated by halogen globes is that it effect the way you use your air conditioner. The halogen globes are producing heat up to 200C and therefore your air conditioner is working much harder and longer to combat this heart generation in your home and business.

Less air conditioning = more energy savings

Benefit 5: Save the Planet

Less energy being used by lighting means there are reduced CO2 emissions which is much better for the planet.

Traditional lamps are filled with chemicals such as mercury. LED lamps contain no toxic materials and are fully recyclable. Smile!

Benefit 6: LED’s won’t Fade Artwork

Due to the comparatively cool light emitted by LED’s, they won’t cause damage to artworks, fabrics or other sensitive objects. In some homes, this is an important consideration.

The benefits of switching to LED lighting are significant in many ways. Whilst there may be an initial outlay to replace halogens, the payback period is relatively short. With rising electricity prices, and continued development in this technology, the payback period is reducing more everyday. Contact BH Electrics today for an obligation free estimate and start saving!

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