6 Benefits of Upgrading to LED Lighting

The benefits of upgrading from Halogen lighting to LED are almost endless.  Here are 6 reasons to make the switch. Benefit 1: Long Life LED lighting has an exceptionally long life compared to any other light technology. An LED can last around 11 years of continuous use! If you were to use a LED light for 8 consecutive hours, in a workplace for example it could last as long as 20 years before replacement was required. There are so many ways to see the bright side on this one benefit alone. From reducing expenses on hardware and maintenance to saving …read more

Smart Homes

Smart home technology allows you to electronically access home security cameras from anywhere and can alert you when sensors detect strange movements. If you are away from home, blinds and light switches can be programmed to operate as if the house was occupied. A smart doorbell with camera can be linked to your smart device. See who is knocking or use the intercom to talk without opening the door, or even being home. “Given the sensitive nature of surveillance and the vital work of enhancing public safety and protecting critical infrastructure, it is important that everyone is licensed” advises the …read more

Landscape Lighting

A well-planned landscape lighting design is often forgotten. You’ve sweated it out digging in the garden beds, planting thoughtful greenery, spent hours at the outdoor furniture shops and gleefully placed your BBQ. Have you considered the benefits of some beautiful outdoor and garden lighting?   Enhance your Tropical Living Lifestyle Hands down the most obvious benefit of beautiful garden illumination is your increased enjoyment of your living spaces. Let’s face it, here in Cairns and Port Douglas and in fact all of Far North Queensland, we live a beautiful part of the world with outdoor living at its finest. By …read more

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