Working from Home in Far North Queensland

In just a few short weeks, the world has changed. The changes have cut deep into the way we live on so many levels. For Cairns and Port Douglas, unfortunately, many businesses have had to stand down their employees. It’s a very sad situation and if you have been affected in this way, our heart goes out to you. There are also many people retreating to work from home or telecommuting. Home based offices are considered an extension of the workplace under work health safety laws. So as part of this transition, its important for all parties to work together …read more

COVID 19: We’re All In This Together

We are truly experiencing unprecedented times and the impacts of this pandemic will be wide reaching, especially in our little patch of Paradise. If you happen to be feeling unwell, we wish you a speedy recovery. BH Electrics is focused on ensuring our team is up to date with current best practises on how to deal with this situation. We have implemented a COVID 19 workplace policy and we will have frequent communications with our team to ensure we stay up to date on how we mange this situation as changes and advice comes to hand. As an essential service, …read more

A letter from John gets Jim fired up!

There are many ways to protect your family from Electric shock. Which way is the right way for your family? Here’s Jim to explain the difference between these devices. Hi folks, today I’d like to share an email that I received from John. John says: Dear Jim, my house has old circuit ceramic circuit breakers in a few different sizes. When I went to my local hardware store they didn’t have all of the sizes I need. What should I do? Well John, firstly, thanks for taking the time to write in. You mentioned that you wanted to source your own …read more

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