Power To You with BH Electrics Solar Service

It’s a well-known fact that electricity derived from solar power is kinder to the environment and also friendlier on your hop pocket. Here are 3 of lesser thought about benefits of solar power for your home and business; Less Water Consumption We live on the driest continent on earth. Droughts now last for decades in some areas of Australia. Water scarcity is without doubt “a thing” that we should all be concerned about. Coal generated power uses thousands of litres of water each year for cooling generators, processing, refining and transporting fuel through pipes and the list goes on. Power …read more

Natural Disaster and Solar Power

Here in Far North Queensland we are no strangers to Mother Nature. It’s a stunning part of the country up here and she sure knows how to put on a show. Sometimes that means that we also are faced with the more difficult weather conditions. Did you know that even if the network supply is turned off, solar systems and associated wiring may still be live? That means that your solar system could continue to produce voltage during the day. Switching your Solar to the “off” position is not enough to protect your property so here are some helpful hints …read more

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