BH Electrics power logging or data logging as it is sometimes known can provide valuable insights into the consumption of power at your business. These days the amount of power your business consumes and the way it consumes it can have a major impact on your bottom line. BH Electrics understands this and that is why we have invested in specialist tools to help business get a clear understanding of your power usage.


A power logger will measure and record current and voltage. The information is recorded in intervals as a graph within the equipment. BH Electrics will download and interpret the findings into a report for you.

Load Studies

A great first place to start when planning on a installation of new electrical works. Data Logging accurately measures the electrical use of your property to determine if there is enough electrical capacity before a new installation is carried out.

Energy Assessments

Determines the effectiveness of energy saving devices. This can be measuring consumption both before and after their introduction.

Reduce Nuisance Tripping

Power logging will highlight electrical faults on the cables. This can save you heaps of time and frustration searching for intermittent tripping.
BH Electrics can map your electricity use over different time periods. There is no set amount of time you should be monitoring. It really does depend on your style of operation and why you are needing the analysis.
Data logging takes the guess work out of the equation and is the best first step before undertaking any minor or major renovation. Talk to the experts at BH Electrics.
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