Keep Powering on in a Power Outage

A Manual or Automatic Generator Changeover Switch could be exactly what you need to safeguard your home or business during cyclone season.

You’ve done the smart thing and purchased a generator to keep you, your family, or your business running in the event of a major power outage.

What you might not have considered are the logistics of getting generator power to the full gamut of household and business appliances in the aftermath of an unplanned interruption, such as those experienced after a severe storm or tropical cyclone.

Extension leads are a temporary solution, but can be messy, potentially dangerous and they won’t power your hard-wired services such as lighting, fans and air-conditioning units.

Summertime, especially here in the tropical climes of Far North Queensland, brings a whole lot of humidity, so air movement is vital.

Generators also require doors and windows to be left partially open when powering indoor appliances, decreasing home or office security, and letting in fumes and noise.

What if you could guarantee each of your appliances received almost instant power, without the need for long, cumbersome extension leads and without having to choose which services to go without?

A Changeover Switch could be the answer.

Changeover Switches for generators are a reliable solution that allow businesses and homeowners to be self-sufficient in unexpected and even routine power outages.

Installed by licensed electricians, such as BH Electrics , these ingenious time and money savers transfer a building’s power supply from mains to a back-up generator with an automatic flick of a switch.

Increasingly popular in both the residential and commercial setting, they are often purchased along with a new generator to guarantee compatibility.

For those with an existing generator, your experienced electrician can assess and advise the best match to ensure a seamless transition to generator power.

There are two kinds of switches to choose from – Automatic and Manual – and there are certainly pros and cons for both.

Let’s take a closer look…

Automated Changeover Switches

Automatic Changeover Switches are, without a doubt, an effortless alternative to mains power.

As the name suggests, generators can be connected to the main power board using an automatic switch that kicks in when mains power is down.

The switch automatically starts the generator and switches to generator power without the need for intervention.

Automatic Changeover Switches are often found in places like hospitals, schools, large restaurants, factories, and shopping centres – basically any structure where continuous power is essential for personal safety or to prevent loss of stock.

More complex by design than Manual Switches, Automatic Changeover Switches use a sensor to detect power changes and require regular maintenance and servicing to ensure they remain operational.


  • Allows a generator to power hard-wired services such as air-conditioners, fans and lighting.
  • Powers up the generator AND switches to Generator Power without intervention.

Things to consider

  • Clever but complex, Automatic Switches require yearly servicing and maintenance.
  • More costly to install when compared to a Manual Switch BUT a money saver when compared to lost productivity and sales or spoiled produce.

Generator Changeover Switches

Manual or Generator Changeover Switches are an affordable alternative to Automatic Switches that do all the same heavy lifting, just without the added convenience of an instant, intervention-free changeover.

With a manual Generator Changeover Switch, generators must be plugged into the main switchboard and then the power source must be manually rediverted at the switch … not complicated, but someone does need to be present to make this all happen.

Manual Generator Changeover Switches are a much safer and more practical and convenient solution to powering your home than using a generator and extension leads alone

Installed by a licensed electrician, Generator Changeover switches just make sense, especially in areas like tropical Far North Queensland where severe weather events like cyclones are prevalent.


  • Allows a generator to power hard-wired services such as air-conditioners, fans and lighting.
  • Cost-effective solution that navigates around the limitations and challenges associated with generators that use extension leads.

Things to consider

  • Someone needs to be present to plug the generator in and manually switch to generator power on the mains power board.

Switches for Solar Power

Both automatic and manual changeover switches can be connected to solar power systems. It’s important to get the right advice and ensure expert installation by an experienced electrician to avoid damage to both the generator and the solar inverter when the power goes out.

Ask The Experts

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