Landscape Lighting

A well-planned landscape lighting design is often forgotten. You’ve sweated it out digging in the garden beds, planting thoughtful greenery, spent hours at the outdoor furniture shops and gleefully placed your BBQ.

Have you considered the benefits of some beautiful outdoor and garden lighting?


Enhance your Tropical Living Lifestyle

Hands down the most obvious benefit of beautiful garden illumination is your increased enjoyment of your living spaces. Let’s face it, here in Cairns and Port Douglas and in fact all of Far North Queensland, we live a beautiful part of the world with outdoor living at its finest. By increasing the ambiance with the right lighting, you’ll love to entertain your friends or sit quietly with a cuppa before turning in for the night.

Add Instant Profit

When you drive through a neighbourhood at night, chances are the homes that stand out most are those where lighting plays an important role. Lighting should highlight structural features like paths, water features, feature plants, fencing and more. If you have outdoor patios, decks or other outdoor living spaces, those should also be included in the overall lighting and landscaping design.

Annually, Adbri Masonry conduct a “Great Australian Backyard Survey”. They found that 41 percent increase of homeowners wanting improve their outdoor space compared with last year. Further, it discovered that a whopping 32 per cent of home owners believe that renovations to the garden landscaping and outdoor entertainment zones added the most financial value to the home. Only beaten by the kitchen renovation (at 47 percent).

“What about the Bathroom”? I hear you ask, the results are in Cairns and Port Douglas. Outdoor spaces are the new hot zones of your property.

Safety First

Outdoor lighting is not just a thing of beauty, it is an easy way to make your space as safe as possible. Use light posts to lighten paths, walkways and driveways. It’s important to put lights near stairs and uneven areas. Consider installing outdoor lighting in high traffic areas, like under your pergola, around the pool and outdoor seating areas.

Landscape Lighting – The Crime Fighter

Studies around the globe reveal direct correlations between proper lighting designs and reductions in crime. Some suggest that landscaping and lighting are more critical to securing your home than replacing doors, locks and windows.

“Criminals don’t want to get caught. When lights have been designed to properly illuminate entrances, parking area and walkways, criminals are going to be seem trying to break in” said David Kluskens, Lighting Certified design engineer.

Landscape Lighting Trends

One of the biggest trends in residential lighting projects is smart app automation. With the right design and equipment, it can be easy to log into your account on your phone to program your lights, rather than having to depend on a timer or control system inside the transformer.

Smart technology has become extremely popular. The convenience of a mobile app allows you to access your own customised settings. You can choose, start the night with subtle lighting and change to party mode as the night progresses. “It’s a lot of fun” says Brad.

Hire the Experts

If you are looking to increase your street appeal, offer a beautiful place for your family and friends or increase the security and safety of your home or business, BH Electrics can help! From the very basic 12 volt garden lighting installation to the high tech smart products, call us to day for your free appraisal.

BH Electrics, is your Port Douglas and Far North Queensland Landscape Lighting experts.

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