Mould, Mildew, Fungi and DNA

Cleaning your air conditioning unit is often something that gets put on your “Once a Year” list. When that day rolls around, most people drag a ladder inside or balance on a chair and give the inside cover a wipe. Tick it off the list, dust your hands and sit down for a nice cuppa. Am I right?

Unfortunately, you’ve not really achieved all that much.

Split System Air Conditioners can be surprisingly dirty appliances harbouring mould, dirt, fungi, bacteria and DNA. If your Air Conditioning unit has not been professionally cleaned, every time you turn your unit on, particles are being circulated and contaminating the air. Your family is breathing this in. There’s a potential cause for serious health problems.

At BH Electrics we have the systems, equipment and the know-how to get the job done right.

Safety First

We turn off the power before we start work and place a protective bib around the unit.

Environmentally Friendly

At BH Electrics we’ve spend considerable time testing the best products for the removal of mould and air conditioning build up. Our product of choice is non-toxic and environmentally friendly and food grade. So you know it’s safe for your home and business.

The Fins

The interior fins are cleaned with high water pressure, removing the build-up and bringing the unit back to efficiency.

The Barrel Fan

Cleaned under pressure. Water is injected into the barrel under pressure. You’ll be surprised at what comes out.


After the clean, we’ll make sure the unit is working to its best. In most cases the unit will be running cooler and with greater air flow.

Clean Up

So you wouldn’t even know we’d been there. Guaranteed.


There are many other benefits to cleaning your Air Conditioning units on a regular basis;

Improved Efficiency

Cleaning the internal components will allow the unit to perform at its highest efficiency. Removing the dust and debris will ensure that the airflow is not impeded. If the evaporator coil is dirty its ability to absorb heat is reduced, this impairs the unit’s ability to cool your home.

Reduced Running Costs

Let’s face it, we live in the Tropics and air conditioning is a must have! It has been shown that a dirty air conditioning unit uses approximately 10 – 15% more electricity than a clean one. If your unit has not been cleaned thoroughly, it needs to work harder to cool the space. With the higher electricity bills we all face these days, professional air conditioning cleaning by BH Electrics is a great investment.

Avoid Expensive Repairs

Like all things mechanical, keeping a regular maintenance routine will reduce future repairs. The longer the unit sits with dirt, mould and germs, the more difficult it is to clean. The machine is working harder to cool your home and overheating can become an issue. Also, when your unit is not operating efficiently ice builds up can occur. There is no doubt that regular cleaning by BH Electrics extends the life and reduces the cost of your air conditioning.

For more information on BH Electrics Split System Air Conditioner Clean, check out our Commercial Air Conditioner Cleaning Service and our Residential Split System Air Conditioner Cleaning Service.

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