At BH Electrics we care about the value you are receiving back from your solar system. It’s important that once installed it’s not forgotten. Regular servicing will ensure that your solar system is giving you the maximum output and that your panels will last well into the future.

Did you know that merely turning a solar panel system “off” at the switch does not mean that the components pose no electrical risk? The clean energy regular recommends that “solar panel systems should only be inspected and maintained by a licenced electrician or Clean Energy Council-accredited solar panel system installer”.


  1. An electrical safety check to ensure all components are operating as intended
  2. Open and inspect all DC isolators and connections
  3. Check the system for water ingress. A vital check up here in the topics!
  4. Ensure that the racking is in sound condition and the fixed tightly
  5. Physically inspect all cables and wiring including fasteners and connections for damage or deterioration
  6. Review the inverter display panel for recorded faults
  7. Remove any debris build up from vents
  8. Check the panels for yellowing and defects as this could mean panel break down and increased risk of fire.
  9. Making sure the emergency procedure for shutdown and isolation are clearly displayed
  10. Maintenance report will be emailed to your after the service identifying any adjustments that were made and highlighting areas needing more attention
  11. Insurance reports provided if required

We work with a high-tech job management system that enables us to track your job history. We can log your regular 12-Point Solar System Maintenance Check due date and give you a friendly reminder when you next check is due. As the tropics can be hard on your solar system, we recommend a check once every 12 months.

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