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Residential Air Conditioning

Port Douglas split system air conditioning installation is a specialty service of BH Electrics. Servicing a range of customers, we work with all the leading air conditioning brands to provide best price and performance, for your needs and budget. Work can be completed before or after hours. Contact us today on (07) 4099 3497 or

Air conditioning is an essential part of living in the tropics. When the heat is on, you want to ensure your air conditioning system is working to the best of its ability, keeping the temperature and the power bills at a comfortable level.

Common Split System Air Conditioning Installation Mistake

Generally most people try to install the smallest air conditioning unit that the room size will take. They do this believing that they have saved some money and got a good deal. Unfortunately in most cases this actually costs more money in the long run, you see, a smaller unit will have to work a whole lot harder to keep the room at the set temperature and therefore the motor will be running harder and longer to cool the room. Sometimes the best strategy that will save you money in the medium to long term is to go up a size in the unit as this unit has a larger motor so the output of cool air is greater but in a more efficient way. And that’s a good deal!

3 More Ways to make your home air conditioning more affordable

  • Cleaning you’re a/C unit not only improve the quality and health of the air in your home, it also saves you money. Check out our A/C cleaning service.
  • Make sure your ceiling fans are running well. Ceiling fans move the cool air around the room making you feel more comfortable. You can increase the temperature on your A/C unit by as much as 4 degrees without feeling the heat when using you’re a/c in conjunction with ceiling fans.
  • Before going to bed put the unit on a timer, the night temperature usually drops at around 2am, so you could easily set your unit to turn off at midnight and get a great night sleep.

BH Electrics are the Port Douglas split system air conditioning installation specialists. We can supply and install a new air conditioner, to ensure it’s working as productively and cost effectively as possible.

We can supply and install an extensive range of split system air conditioning units. For more information, or an obligation free quote, contact us today.

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